Euphoric that I am finally here, and stricken that it is for only one day, my one eyed taxi driver drives us to who knows where, I don’t care, I could sit in this taxi all day.  I am in my own personal parade, so excited to be here that I feel every bus we pass, every car, every tuktuk, every bike, every scooter, every buffalo should be stopping and waving their hands or hooves at me, screaming out “NAMASTE!  WE KNOW YOU ARE ONLY HERE FOR ONE DAY, BUT WHAT A DAY WE WILL MAKE FOR YOU! HERE IS A LADY THROWING CHICKEN NECKS ONTO THE STREET, THERE A PACK OF DOGS, THERE MEN PULLING TREES OUT OF THE GROUND, HERE A KID TAKING A DUMP! WELCOMMMMME!!!!!!!””” and I would say back “why thank you, India, you fucking stink to the point of gagging and I couldn’t be happier about it” and then we would all shout HOORAY! and drink delicate rose flavoured lassis together, spreading our elation in the filth, whizzing past the incense, the shit, the yelling, the constantly constant music, the glittering and bored horses, until the taxi driver stops and it looks nothing like Ghandi’s house.